Benefits of a Walk In Tub

Installing a Walk In Tub in your home is a major investment, one that will ultimately pay off when it comes to safety, hygiene, and ultimately enjoying living at home. Follow along to find out some of the benefits of a Walk In Tub in this article.

Easier Access for Everyone

Walk In Tub AccessibilityLet’s face it, no matter who we are or our age, we’ve all faced a scary moment when we fell or came close to falling getting out of the bathtub. Bathtubs are not very friendly when it comes to access. Wet slippery surfaces, a ledge to step over, shower curtains to bat out of the way, and no handles to grab onto. All of these can make a bathtub a slippery dangerous place.

Walk In Tubs solve this problem by offering a door that opens up for easy access. You can easily step into a walk in tub, and have multiple grab bars to hold onto as you enter or exit your walk in tub. Finally, there is a seat that you sit down and relax in while you enjoy your bath.


Walk In Tub HydrotherapyHydrotherapy has been in use since Egyptian times, and a Walk In Tub can help you to take advantage of the benefits. Multiple air or water jets help to create a soothing massage like experience to help cure aches, pains, and aid in muscle recovery.

Everyone can benefit from hydrotherapy, whether you’re a world class athlete, or someone struggling from achy joints, it will change your life and the way you bathe.


Showering in a Walk in Tub

Walk In Tub with a showerWalk In Tubs can serve as a shower too. All of our Ella’s Bubbles brands Walk In Tubs feature a remote shower wand for getting into those hard to reach places, or you can even mount your remote shower wand on the wall for a normal shower experience.

The dual purpose accessible tub and shower gives your Walk in Tub a lot of functional purpose in your home.


Improved Hygiene

As we get older, it gets harder and harder to clean ourselves with limited mobility. A Walk In Tub helps to solve this problem by providing powerful jets that use water and tiny air bubbles to help clean in all of the hard to reach places.

Furthermore, simply soaking in a hot soapy bath can help to improve hygiene and cleaning as well.

Avoiding the Costs of Slips and Falls

Falls are the leading cause of death for those over 65. Furthermore, even surviving a fall can lead to a long recovery further complicate independent living.

Outside of the physical problems a fall can create, they can also be very costly financially. The average hospital bill associated with a fall is $35,000. When you compare this to the cost of a Walk In Tub, you can see the the investment is well worth it.

Aging in Place Made Possible

An accessible Walk In Tub can help to make again in place possible, allowing you to avoid costly assisted living homes. This is because they allow you to safely and independently bathe.

When seniors decide to age in their home, a Walk In Tub is often the first modification made.

They Look Great In Your Home

Walk In Tub Chroma LightingFunction is the most important aspect of making an accessible home, but luckily our walk in tubs will look great in your home too.

With innovative stainless steel see-through door, chrome fixtures, and elegant lighting systems, our walk in tubs are truly one a kind and will look modern and upscale in your home.


An Investment In Your Future

Finally, a Walk-In Tub is an investment in your future and life. A Walk In Tub can be life-changing, allowing you to bathe safely and enjoy the therapeutic, and healing benefits that come along with it.

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