Benefits of a Walk In Tub

Installing a Walk In Tub in your home is a major investment, one that will ultimately pay off when it comes to safety, hygiene, and ultimately enjoying living at home. Follow along to find out some of the benefits of a Walk In Tub in this article. Easier Access for Everyone Let’s face it, no matter who we are or our age, we’ve all faced a scary moment when we fell or came close to falling getting out of the bathtub. Bathtubs are not very friendly when it comes to access. Wet slippery surfaces, a ledge to step over, shower curtains to bat out of the way, and no handles to grab onto. All of these can make a bathtub a slippery dangerous place. Walk In Tubs solve this problem by offering a door that opens up for easy access. You can easily step into a walk in tub, and have multiple grab bars to hold onto as you enter or exit your walk in tub. Finally, there is a seat that you sit down and relax in while you enjoy your bath. Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy has been in use since Egyptian times, and a Walk In Tub can help you

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Acrylic Shower

Tile vs. Acrylic Showers

Deciding what kind of surface to make your shower is a major step in the process of remodeling a bathroom for accessibility. There are many factors to consider when making the decision between a tile vs. acrylic shower, we’ll cover them below. Why Go With a Tile Shower? Tile Showers are the most popular option when it comes to interior design and bathroom remodeling. This is because tile offers an unlimited amount of design, color, and customization options that can easily be implemented when installing your shower.  Another benefit to tile showers is that they can be made to work in just about any accessible design scenario. This is because every tile shower is custom built to your accessible needs right on the spot. Tile materials are also quicker and easier to source because they can be purchased from a multitude of local tile stores and in most cases picked up the same day. This means that we can schedule and begin your accessible remodeling project sooner. One potential downside to tile showers is the increased maintenance associated with caring for it. Tile showers typically need to be resealed every couple of years in order for them to maintain their

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Onyx Collection Showers

Onyx Collection Walk In Showers

Our team at Independence Home Remodeling is proud to announce, that we now carry Onyx Collection Walk In Showers. This is very exciting because we’ve had a lot of requests for a solid surface walk-in showers. Onyx Collection is a solid surface shower system, that is very easy to clean and hygienic. It is similar to acrylic, but much stronger with a proprietary formula called “Onyx”. Onyx showers come in a variety of colors, with different accessories and thousands of design combinations. Be sure to check out some of the design features that Onyx Collection offers. Onyx Collection Shower Design Tool Onyx Collection Color Picker Onyx Collection is a great choice for any walk in shower system. They will allow you to design an accessible shower, and will look great in your home! Give us a call and we would be happy to help you design the shower of your dreams using the Onyx Collection.

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Ella’s Bubbles Walk In Tubs

Independence Home Remodeling is proud to announce, that we are now a licensed dealer for Ella’s Bubbles Walk In Tubs. Ella’s Bubbles Walk In Tubs provide functional bathing options for those with limited to no mobility. Furthermore, they look absolutely beautiful in your home. With hundreds of design and feature combinations, we are sure that we can help you find a walk in tub that you will love. We have held off on becoming a dealer for walk in tubs for a while, as we have struggled to find a company that provides beautiful high-quality walk in tubs. With the addition of Ella’s Bubbles to our product line, we are confident that we now have a top tier, high-quality product to offer. Ella’s Bubbles Tubs have a lifetime warranty, and when installed by our licensed professionals, will serve you well in your home for years to come. Be sure to check out the new line of Ella’s Bubbles walk in tubs on our website. We know you will be amazed.

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How to Keep Your Shower Curtain Rod from Falling Down

One common complaint we hear from outside contractor’s roll in shower installations is that their shower rod constantly keeps falling down. Most roll in showers require a shower curtain in order to be wheel chair accessible. This is because shower curtains can easily fold out of the way and help maximize space. One draw back to improperly installed shower curtains is that they can fall down. This can be potentially dangerous, because most people are at their most vulnerable state for falls in the bathroom. They may be trying to exit their shower safely, when the shower rod falls down on them and causes another distraction and leading to a fall. We have also seen issues where users don’t have grab bars installed, and instead try to grab onto the shower rod in the event of a fall, which usually does not hold up well, especially if it is not properly mounted. This is why we always recommend having grab bars professionally installed at convenient locations, so that users have a grab point, instead of having to try and use the shower curtain. Now back to the shower curtains, here is what we recommend for that pesky shower curtain that

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